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We are proud and delighted to invite you to the upcoming 2nd World Halal Forum Europe 2010 to be held in London on the 10th and 11th November 2010. This event will be conducted at the Earls Court Conference Centre in London, in a world class conference facility. The theme of the World Halal Forum Europe is ‘Halal Products & Services - Going Mainstream’.

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Headquartered in Malaysia, the World Halal Forum has established itself over the past five years as the premier Halal industry event, attended by senior executives and government and industry stakeholders from around the world.

In response to the consistent increase in activity in the European Halal markets, the WHF held its first European forum in The Hague in November 2009. Now, responding to the continued interest in the Halal sector, the second World Halal Forum Europe is being held in London, at the Earls Court Conference Centre on 10-11 November 2010. In today’s turbulent economy, the Halal sector has the potential to open up new market opportunities. The domestic Halal consumers throughout the UK and Europe are underserved, and there is strong demand for Halal food products throughout the GCC and Asian regions.

The last year has brought a flurry of activities in the Halal sector in the UK and Europe. Moves by both Quick and KFC to bring Halal into the mainstream fast-food sector, an increased presence of Halal products in the major supermarket chains, as well as impending legislation in the European Parliament all make Halal an increasingly important topic.

However, issues regarding the quality and integrity of Halal food products, and disputes over the validity of stunning and mechanical slaughter are all pointing to the need for greater control and conformity within the Halal sector. In addition, the appearance of Halal accreditation agencies to monitor the activity of Halal certification bodies in various parts of the world confirms the view that the Halal industry is about to move into a new stage of growth, with greater degree of structure and accountability.

The UK is a key Halal market with strong consumer views and well established industry activity. The changes that are likely to happen over the coming years in the UK and Europe will have a profound effect on markets world-wide. The WHF Europe will explore these issues and more.

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During the two days, sessions will cover:

  • Issues facing Manufacturers entering the Halal Sector
  • The Supermarket or the Corner shop? Where are the consumers heading?
  • Mainstream restaurants going Halal
  • The rise of the Halal-friendly travel sector
  • Islamic Finance in the Halal sector – why isn’t there more?
  • Proposed EU Legislation on stunning – making Halal second class?
  • The appearance of Halal Accreditation agencies worldwide
  • Is there a need for a Halal Accreditation agency in the UK?
  • Halal consumer power – just how strong is it?
  • Reaching Halal consumers in the west, a new emerging market niche
There will be many opportunities for discussion and audience participation, and it is our intention that the London sessions of the WHF Europe will provide a new arena to tackle some of the relevant issues facing both consumers and industry professionals in the Halal marketplace.

EARLY BIRD FEE ( till 15th September 2010)   GBP 425
GROUP RATES - 3+ (per person)   UPON REQUEST

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