We want Malaysia to be recognised as a gastronomic haven offering different cuisine from all over the globe. Ultimately, it is a fantastic win-win marketing strategy where good food, great service and tasteful ambience would attract travellers, bringing in more tourist ringgit to the country,”

Tourism Minister, Malaysia

Creativity, promotional efforts and management aptitude in applying the halal criteria qualified 12 restaurants for the Third International Halal Restaurant Awards, given to restaurants listed in the Halal Food Guide published by KasehDia Sdn Bhd.

The 3rd International Restaurant Awards held at the Carcosa Seri Negara in 2007
awarded winners from the following categories :

Local restaurants
  • Enak KL at Starhill Gallery (Best Malay Restaurant),
  • D’Tandoor (Best Indian Restaurant),
  • Lai Po Heen at the Mandarin Oriental (Best Chinese Restaurant),
  • Tarbush Restaurant (Best Middle Eastern Restaurant)
  • Dining Room at Carcosa Seri Negara (Best Western Restaurant)
  • To Dine For, Chulan Square (Best Asian Restaurant).

Overseas Restaurants - Editor’s Choice category

  • Banquet (Singapore)
  • Villa Madina (Ontario, Canada)
  • Ishbilia Labanese Restaurant (Knightsbridge, London)
  • Spectrum On One (Fairmont, Dubai, UAE)
  • Gaylord Tandoori Restaurant, (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Istana Malaysia (Wellington, New Zealand).

The awards also helped promote restaurants that are Muslim-friendly, covering halal guidelines that apply to décor and an overall atmosphere welcoming to Muslims. “As more people start to appreciate the Halal Food Guide Series and its review of halal restaurants, an Internet version (www.halalguides.com) will soon be available. It will have the widest coverage over the globe, with more reviews.