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This is an important gathering to discuss and share ideas on how to push the halal agenda further forward´┐ŻMalaysia continues to be open and keen to work with other countries in advancing the global halal industry..towards this end, the World Halal Forum and its programmes can provide an effective platform due to its focused agenda and wide ranging reach
- Datuk Seri Hj Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, The Prime Minister of Malaysia

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The World Halal Forum (WHF)  to be held in Kuala Lumpur in May 2008 will be the culmination of developments in the halal industry as well as resolution and discussions from  WHF Industry Dialogue’s held throughout the world, from the previous  WHF held  in May 2007.

The  WHF  2007,  held  at the prestigious Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre adjacent to the Petronas Twin Towers was again a success. The forum enabled stakeholders in the halal market; producers, processors, manufacturers, logistics, providers, retailers, Islamic organisations & government, to gather and address issues and challenges faced . 

 Delegates attending the  WHF 2007 were drawn from 40 countries; a broad cross-section of international delegates gave the forum a truly international feel. Global industry leaders and world class speakers highlighted  developments in market, business trends, policy and regulations,  provided  valuable insights to understand this fast developing market.

 WHF is not merely a once a year event ,  WHF– Industry Dialogues  took place in many different counties leading up to the main event in May. Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Singapore South Africa, China, are some of the countries already visited, with several more planned before May 2008..

WHF 2008 will be a gathering of market leaders from the global  halal industry where issues relating to the development of this sector will be addressed, confirming Malaysia’s intention to nurture the global halal market using  WHF as a platform to create opportunities towards further growth and development of participating countries  needs . Developments in the past year have continued to push halal to the forefront as an important market force,  as such we are expecting  and preparing for WHF 2008 to  attract larger  delegates and increased media coverage  and international spotlight .

The two day event will begin on the 11 May 2008, with  a Gala Dinner held on the evening of the first day. The prestigious Halal Journal Awards will once again be presented by the Prime Minister at the Gala Dinner, highlights and recognises achievements in  halal industry.  
For detailed programme and registration please  refer to information on this  website and link provided .

The Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) another  Malaysian Government initiative will be held prior to the World Halal Forum,  providing an excellent opportunity to source  for latest Halal products.

All this makes  for  the World Halal Forum a must attend event for those in the  halal industry  and even for outside as food integrity is a current interest matter .  
For those wishing to attend or organize a delegation to attend the World Halal Forum  2008 the relevant information is on this site  and please contact us for more details.

We look forward to welcoming you to Malaysia

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